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I took this photo on 5.11.11.  It was posted in my 365 Project but it's one of my favorite pictures of Lulu.  I'm biased but feel so lucky to have adopted such a cutie pie. 

She LOVES to curl up next to me on the couch while I'm on the computer or just hanging out.  Sometimes I wrap her up like a hot dog and she just snuggles right up for nap.  Peace!

Never fails.  She always makes me laugh or go "awwww".  I've resorted to nicknaming her "Princess Four Leggers".  She is so spoiled (ahem, I mean "well loved").  She tags around with me everywhere I go, sometimes nipping at my ankles trying to get my attention.  If I'm sitting on the ground, she'll climb over my leg and plop herself down right in the middle or right at my hip. 

She is a loyal companion who lightens my life and brings each day so much love and affection.  And when this nose startes to sniff, it's as if its vibrating all around.

I love Lucy!

This is Lucy. She's a Chiweenie (1/2 dachshund, 1/2 chihuahua) and one of the greatest joys in my life. I adopted her from a shelter 2.5 years ago. Best decision I ever made! She is my personal trainer, comedienne, foot warmer, floor licker, and will eat just about anything you stick in front of her nose. She was named after Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy) for her goofy cuteness and Lucy from The Peanuts for her tomboyish sportiness!  One of her best traits is her kindness.  She is gentle and kind to children as well as seniors and all ages in between.  If you love her, she loves you back! If you give her a treat, well, you're screwed!  She'll be at your ankles forever.

Lucy now has her own page in my blog because she continues to inspire me to live my best life.  The epitome of unconditional love she teaches me how to be patient, compassionate, caring, and to keep things simple.  She reminds me everyday to live and laugh in the moment.  Just be!

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