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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Praying For You" Cards

This set of cards has been on my mind for awhile now.  I've been wanting to make them for a specific person in my life.  For this blog post, I'm going to call her Sunshine to protect her privacy.  With her birthday coming up, it seemed a good opportunity to create a card set that she can share with special women in her life who might be in need of prayer. 

Although I've never really told her this before, she was one of the pivotal people in my life that drew me closer to Christ.  I was just a teeny bopper at the time.  As we all know, those years can sometimes make or break a person.  From the inside I felt incredibly broken, emotional, and lost.  She came into my life through my brother and as I got to know her I began to see God in a different way.  As a Catholic, I only knew God through the priest but through her I learned that one can have a personal relationship with Him. This is not a reflection on Catholic beliefs but rather a description of my own path in following Christ.
It all started with Sunshine and Amy Grant.  Sunshine loved to sing and her passion was contagious..  If my memory serves me correctly, I think Sunshine sang in church but she also sang in something like a glee club or performance choir.  As a "Glee" wannabe, this intrigued me.  I admired this talent of hers.  It just happened that Amy Grant was one of her favorites.  Through her I slowly became familiar with Amy Grant's music, never knowing that Christian music could sound like any other popular top 40 song on the radio. I learned every song on Amy's "The Collection" album and played it over and over.  The song lyrics brought me comfort and encouragement.  Her voice was an inspiration. I began to reflect on my own faith and what I believed in; drawing closer to God.  The Collection remains one of my all-time favorite albums.

There was also something different about Sunshine than I had ever known.  She loved the Lord in a personal way.  As I got to know her over the years and often followed her to church on Sundays, my relationship with Him began to change as well.  Who knew you could have a personal relationship with him.  The first time I prayed with her I actually cried.  I had never experienced anything like it.  They were partially tears of fear but also curiosity.  What does praying like this mean?  I didn't understand, but I learned.  I learned about the power of prayer.  To me, prayer is a beautiful way to have a relationship with God.  Now, I am often moved and healed in when in prayer.
Since all those many years ago, I have grown deeper in my walk.  Her faith inspired me and now I walkwith Him.  Life is FAR from perfect, filled with pit holes, bumps, and scratches, but because I know Him and continue to know myself better through Him, each day is hopeful and when I lean on Him I know that everything will be ok.

So, these cards were inspired by and made for Sunshine.  I keep her in my prayers.

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