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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Cookie Swap: The Rules

Yes, there are rules to throwing a well organized cookie exchange.  I only do this party once a year and invite a large group of girl friends over.  I've read on other blogs that smaller groups are best but I really enjoy having a bunch of girls (average 12-15 people) over for the holidays.  Plus, you get a larger variety of cookie types. 

1. All cookies must be homemade.

2. Depending on the number of people attending bring up to 8 dozen cookies. Cookes can be split between 2 recipes into 4 dozen each if you wish.  If you have fewer people, then people may only need to bake 4-6 dozens of cookies. 

NOTE:  Request RSVPs by a specific date so you can confirm the amount of cookies needed.  Generally, each person should be able to take 2-4 cookies from each person's display.

3. The theme is HOLIDAY COOKIES. They should be home-baked, and holiday special (NOT your "everyday" cookie). No chocolate chip cookies allowed (sorry Mr. Tollhouse) unless they have a holiday twist (consider altering the recipe using a more festive ingredient, such as peppermint or white chocolate)! Beyond cookies, you're welcome to bring bars, squares, and balls. Please no cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, etc.

4. Please make sure that all treats are "transportable". ALL BAKED ITEMS SHOULD BE EASILY STACKABLE AND PLACED IN CONTAINERS.

5. Arrange cookies in a basket or platter. 

6. Bring a large container or tray to carry away your cookies. This rule is VERY important! Driving with approx. 8 dozen cookies in your hands makes it difficult to hold onto the steering wheel.

7. Request your guests to please bring copies of their recipes to share. Recipes should be printed on 4x6 size cards or paper.

8. Guests can indicate in their RSVP what type of cookies they are planning on baking. It is preferable not to have duplicate recipes.

9. If the person doesn't have time to bake, or recipes have been ruined, but still want to attend, they must go to a REAL bakery (not Safeway, Lucky's, etc.) and buy the designated amount (dozens) of cookies.  People put a lot of effort into their cookies and it's only fair that they receive similar quality cookies.

10. Appetizers and beverages will be served. Games will be played. Prizes will be shared. Friendships will be made.


- most creative display
- most decked out in holiday clothing/accessories
- ugly sweater contest

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