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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive

This is my favorite adhesive.  You buy the first one with the case (dispenser).  Then you just buy the refills after that.  It rolls on easily and usually has a permanent stick.  The only time I've had difficulties with it is when it's on a plastic or slippery material.  For paper products, it works wonders.  With the occasional use of wet glue (depending on what I'm gluing, Tombow is my fave.  They make a lot of different kinds.  I've become accustom to the Mono Permanent.

Expensive at your usual craft stores and even more expensive on Tombow's website ($6.25!  YIKES) but I have found you can purchase them for a bit over $1 at Discount Office Supplies.  LOVE it!  If you buy more than $75, shipping is free.  How can you say no to that!

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