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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love in the little moments

Today was the loveliest of days. It was busy but nothing extraordinary today. There were lots of events planned for today, all scheduled back to back. I was anticipating it to be a whirlwind sort of day but to my surprise there were so many little moments that caught me by surprise, reminding me that I am loved.

  • A hike through the woods. A little blue jay, most magnificent in color, entertained me as it bounced around looking for food.
  • Reminder of God's intentions. Ecclesiastes 7:29
  • A friend passed over a parking spot and gave it to me.
  • The little nephew shared his blue crayon with me.
  • Rum-Nutmeg-Gingersnap and cruncy peanut butter ice cream in an ice cream cone coated with chocolate.
  • Deep dish pizza. YOM!
  • A friend came over and walked my dog for me.
  • Hugs from friends.
  • My brother asking me how I'm doing and what's new in my life.
  • From my garage as I got out of the car, I could hear the excited whines and paw tapping on the floor above me. My pup was excited I came home.
A good day indeed!


  1. Sounds like a good day to me.

    P.s. Logged in to get your baked oatmeal recipe. Finishing up the last of the frozen blueberries. Yummy for the next few days of breakfasts.


    1. Thanks Maureen. It's been a favorite for several people. Tickles me happy to hear other people are enjoying it as well. Love hearing how you're playing with the recipe. It's so versatile.