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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to Studio Julz

Welcome to the Studio Julz blog!

I'm Julz.  I'm a crafty girl but I consider myself a closeted artist.  Jules is actually my nickname but the artsy side of me prefers to spell it with a whimsical 'z'. 

Urban Dictionary describes "Julz" as someone with hope, artistic talent, poise, has a perfect life (is there such a thing?), and is your best friend. She is beautiful, independent, rebellious, and tries her hardest at everything that matters. 

My studio spans across the artistic "workrooms" in my life; yummies from the kitchen, snaps from the camera lens, creations from the paper crafting table, or fabric moved through the sewing machine.   I seek to be inspired by God's truth, the world, its people, and the life seasons we go through. 

This blog is simply a journal of all things creative.  I'll leave crumbs of tips, tricks, photos, musings, and ideas that have inspired me along the way.  I work full time but when I'm not in cube world, I love to create, imagine, and dream.

Follow me on this journey!

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