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Monday, July 12, 2010

Cardmaking Event for Operation Write Home [OWH]

I recently participated in a Meetup with a crafting/scrapping group.  This was my first time with this group and had a really good time meeting three other women who enjoy creating with paper as much as I do.  As we chatted and shared crafting tips we made many, many cards for Operation Write Home (OWH).  I'm not sure what the final count was but I know between myself and another girl over 30 cards were made.

Check out some of the cards I made for OWH.
OWH's mission is to support our nation's troops with hand made cards so they can write home to their loved ones.  I later found out that there are only three women in our country who receive these cards before they are sent to the troops. It's a thankless job for a good cause.

A surprising detail: NO GLITTER allowed on the cards!  What?! No glitter?  To a crafty person saying no glitter is like saying no milk to a baby.  But, the reason makes so much sense.  Glitter, no matter how well it's glued on has a tendency to flake off.  And a soldier on the front lines who may have opened a card just before heading out to the field may end up with some glitter on them.  At night when the enemy has on their night gear or lights are flashing, guess what will reflect off their bodies and put them in harms way?  Yeah, glitter.

It felt so good to be crafting for a cause.  Sending love to our troops.  Thanks for all that you do.  Your bravery and courage is outstanding!

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