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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peace and perfection

Saturday morning.

Saturday mornings are probably the best moments in a week.  Usually it requires some sleeping in and leisurely wakeup. 

This morning I was reminded how lovely this time can be.  Waking up leisurely, I decided to take the first bit of the morning to work in my studio. Absorbed in some aspect of my inspiration board that I'm working on, my dog Lucy wanders into the room.  With her sweetness, she offers me pup kisses on my toes as if to say "Mornin' Mama".  She she decides to wander around my feet as if to say "Are you paying attention to me?".  finally settling near my feet while I worked. 

As the natural lighting streamed in through the windows, my mind resting on peace giving creativity, I felt Lucy's unconditional and the joy of doing what I love.  All my worries melted away.  Life, at least at that moment, is as it should be. Perfection and peace!

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