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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scrapbook Expo

I attended my first Scrapbook Expo yesterday in Santa Clara.  No classes for me (limited time on this day) but I made it to the Expo where all the vendors were.

1.  I loved seeing all the supplies under one roof (a fabulous break from shop jumping like usual).
2.  It's overwhelming and budgeting the amount you want to spend there would be extremely important.  List out what you need before you go and stick to it as close as you can.  There is a lot of diversion and distraction!
3.  Forget the floor map and just start walking (unless of course you are looking for a specific vendor).
4.  For many vendors, prices were not any cheaper than online or in the stores.  HOWEVER, there seemed to be quite a few $1 type booths.  The most shocking being the vendor that advertised 20 items for $1.  No kidding!  It was run by two guys and housed bins of random punches, stickers, eyelets, paper.  Ever seen that episode of Sex & The City where Samantha and Carrie buy purses out of that guys trunk?  Same idea but with crafty stuff.  That said, I got a WHOLE LOT of stuff for $1.  Yeehaw!
5.  Two booths inspired me.
 Booth One:
It doesn't take much to make me say "oooh!". These ribbons were delightfully stored in little plastic cups by color. They came in different styles, textures, patterns, material, and shape. Couldn't help but pick out a few!

Booth two: 
This booth is new to the show which also makes me think that maybe they were new to the industry as well.  But, I could be wrong.  Their main focus was on acrylic stamps and the ones they displayed were lovely.  Simple designs that said a lot.  These two cards inspired me.  Mostly for their simplicity but also because the tools that I have could make these cards easily. 

I definitely had a great time but would highly recommend budgeting carefully and doing circle around of the expo area so as not to put yourself in debt.

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