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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Organize This: Paper

Whether you say paper, papier, 紙, papel, ペーパー, бумага, carta, or έγγραφο it's all pretty magnificent!

I love paper; colored, patterned, textured, large, small, smooth, silky, shiny, die-cut, hard, soft, for wrapping or writing, cardstock or tissue, it doesn't matter.  I love it all! 

The appreciation for paper goes way back into my childhood.  Stationary, stickers, or pretty bags (plastic or paper) fascinated me.  Even paper flowers or paper folding were interesting.  I suppose its the versatility in paper that I find delightful.  So, as I work with paper to create cards or scrapbooks or other crafts, it only makes sense that I also care for them and keep them organized.

Originally, I organized my 12x12 papers in a plastic stackable drawer.  As my supply grew it became difficult to close the drawer without tearing some of the papers.  So, I had to come up with another idea.  (I've since repurposed the drawer for other uses.)

Next, I moved my papers into a bin that could slide onto a shelf but the only bin I had was a large fabric one that is held up with a wire frame.  It's a fabulous bin but for paper, it didn't work.  The fabric sagged at the bottom and when I tried to slide it on the shelf the bottom would catch and I would get frustrated because all that paper gets heavy, making it difficult to move around.  Leaving it off the shelf only added to the "organized mess" in my room.

Solution!  I went to IKEA and I got the Alex Drawer Unit With Caster Wheels.  I decided not to put the wheels on it but it sits super cute in my room.  I think this is the best solution for my papers right now.  Flat drawers that fit the 12x12 paper size.  The only thing is the width is less than 24" inside the drawers so you can't quite get two sets of papers in there side by side.  But, that's ok, if you stack them slightly you can get everything in there.  Isn't it cute?  If you've never bought furniture from IKEA before, they're fabulous.  Easy instructions and the kits come with everything you need.  Tools are pretty basic. 

I always feel like Wonder Woman after I've put an IKEA piece together. I am woman hear me roar!Booyah!

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