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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Organizing Acrylic Stamps

One of my favorite things to do is to find a new use for something I already own.  It excites me!  (Hmmm... is it a sign that I need a life?  Nah.  Just means I find joy in the simple things of life.)

I heard about this idea on someone's blog or website eons ago and have been wanting to do this for ages.  Finally, I have.  This is a safe way to store and organize your acrylic stamps. 

- Old CD jewel cases
-Tombo (or any rolling dry adhesive used for paper crafts)
-Dry White Out (the kind that rolls)

Putting it together:

You'll need an empty old CD jewel case.  Recycle.  Be green!

Your packaged acrylic stamps.

Peel off the stamps, one by one.

Arrange them on the inside of the jewel case.

On the printed side of your acrylic stamps packaging, cut to fit the jewel case.  You will use it as a cover label.

Use your dry adhesive roller to place clear adhesive to the front of your label.  I personally love Tombow adhesive.

Place the label on the inside of the cover.  When you close the case, you will see the labels right side up.
(apologies for the side view in this photo)

To give you a base to label the case, I used a Papermate dry white out and ran it across the edge.  It makes it easier to see your label when you store it.

Write on the label.

Ready to store.  My craft desk (transformed from an IKEA office desk) has a CD holder area.  You can use a CD box or any other method you prefer to store your new acrylic stamp cases. 

Rolling the white out on the edge of the case was a little tricky because there isn't much width to work on.  Roll slowly so as not to cut into the white out tape.  "Eat Your Yummy Cupcake" was the first one I did.  Not so pretty, I think.  I got better with practice. 

How do you store your acrylic stamps (or even regular wood based rubber stamps, I'd love to hear your ideas)?
Leave me a note.

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  1. What a great blog!! Keep it up. I love your ideas. :-)