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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spanish Hot Cocoa at Chocolateria San Gines

As the fall weather turns chilly I'm reminded of my encounter with Spanish Hot Cocoa.  A few years ago, my BFF and I galavanted to Madrid, Spain for some rest and relaxation.  Ok, our method of travel isn't exactly easygoing but the intent is to get out the door and see the world.  She's the history buff, I'm the planner. A fabulous combination if I may say so myself.  The alarm clock goes off in the morning (sometimes as early as 4 or 5 am), the comfy shoes are slapped on, cameras strapped, and a trail mix in the purse for extra energy then off we go until we can hardly stand at the end of the day.    

On this particular adventure in Madrid, we found our way to a unique little cafe in Madrid called Chocolateria San Gines.  To borrow from Wikipedia, Chocolateria San Gines is a cafe that serves chocolate and churros(as well as other things).  Can you imagine this combination?  Think beyond your typical cup of cocoa to something much more rich.  This chocolate is so thick you can just lay your spoon on it without it sinking in.  WOH!
 This is not for the faint hearted if all you're looking for is liquid pleasure.  This is a sincerely delectible dessert.You're supposed to just sit and chat as you indulge.  But, being Americans sitting leisurely like the Europeans, I learned, takes a bit of patience and practice.  After a few dips into this cup, I was ready to figure out where we were off to next.  A lesson for me... relax, take it easy, enjoy.  I'm still learning.

But, if anything is going to make me "take it easy" its this.

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  1. That truly was some THICK hot chocolate. Fortunately, it wasn't excessively sweet! I loved that trip. *sigh*