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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Authentically Me

This is a bit off topic from my usual blog post but I can't help but just state how beautiful and sexy I feel right now.  I'm not one to put a lot of time into myself on a day to day basis.  Perhaps it's me not giving myself time for "me" in those early morning moments before work but makeup and hair products are rarely applied.  I'm usually in a hurry and if I'm lucky a round of moisturizer makes it on my face, and then eventually a slap of lip moisturizer on my smacker. 

But, tonight I'm heading out for dinner to a fondue restaurant with a couple of gal pals.  We've had this on our calendars for a couple months so the excitement has been built up and I can't wait paint the town red.  After a morning of cleaning house I took my shower a bit later today and having just had a haircut earlier in the week I decided to take the time to blow dry my hair.  After all the whooshing, brushing... I feel feminine, sexy, and whirly.  Aaaaaah, I feel authentically me.  I feel beautiful.  I feel sexy.  I feel better.

Why don't I take more time for myself?  Why is it so easy to let yourself go? 

I think I might even put a dab of blush and perfume on tonight.  Even though I don't have a date with a man my girl friends deserve the best me, too.

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