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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Simplicity of Company

My parents have come to visit.  It's Friday night and on my way home from work I started to think about my evening plans.  I decided to spend the evening with my parents, having dinner and suggested catching a movie afterwards.  The flick I really wanted to see wasn't showing in the local theatre and would require a 30 min. drive, at least.  There was discussion of other movies but none seemed appealing to them.  After some discussion and inability to come to a consensus about which movie, annoyance over the cost of movies in theatres this week we decided not to go.

I needed to walk the dog and her cousin (whom we're dogsitting) so I invited my parents along.  I was expecting to go alone but at the invitation to join me sounded appealing so they grabbed their jackets and we all headed out the door with leashes in hand.  First I led them along the edge of the farm across the street.  It's a daily walk for me so I pointed out all the crops that have been growing there.  Knowing my Dad has a green thumb and finds much peace amongst plants and flowers it was no surprise to hear him repeat how much he's enjoying this walk.  We chatted along the way and ended up walking all the way around a block.  The dogs got tired, the busyness of the day was escaping our beings, and the comfort of a quiet, relaxing evening started to set in.
Simple plans.  Good company.  Exercise.  FREE. Lovely evening!

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