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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Deal

I LOVE it when you purchase a craft item or something that was on sale or was a good bargain.  Perhaps at the time you don't have any idea what you're going to do with it but you know that someday it will come in handy.

This is what happened with these Father's Day cards.

One day while browsing The Paper Source store I paused in front of the clearance rack.  It wasn't much past Christmas time so they had a lot of holiday items.  If you know The Paper Source it is dream land to girlie girls who love everything paper.  They sell beautiful stationary, special event, unique paper goods, some of which you can design yourself.  But, because they sell such beautiful things they're prices are a bit of an investment.  But, if your'e lucky you might find something you need on the clearance rack.

And, there they were.  Plain stickers in circle and rectangular shapes.  I have no idea why I would need these stickers but I had this hunch that someday I might need them for envelope seals or invitations or cards or something. 

More than half a year late as I brainstormed father's day cards I remembered these delightful stickeres.  And, I remembered the little letter stamps that I had also bought one sale, many moons ago.  The letter stamps were also one of those items where I thought "I know I can use these" but because they are individual letters and trying to line them up in a straight line to stamp out a word was just more than I wanted to deal with.  But, one letter at a time, that's more my style.

Voila!  Stamped stickers to spell out brother or dad.  I  LOVE IT!  My investment in these sale items have totally paid off.

Can't wait to make more cards with these stickers and stamps

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