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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Card Flavor is a Personal Preference

I just sold my fourth card today.  Excited is an understatement! 

Watching my buyers browse through some of my inventory is interesting.  I have my own opinion of which cards I love and which ones I laugh at because they're ridiculous, but so do my buyers.  Everyone has a different style, flavor.  It amazes me that some of the cards come across appealing while others are rejected.  Can't help but wonder what makes a product appealing to another person?  And, should an artist create to please others or to please themselves?

That said, I will continue to make cards from the heart because it is impossible to please other people.  But, I can promise creative cards from the heart.  Each one is carefully planned and created, often inspired by the world around me and the people I meet.

I think a good artist is one who approaches their craft with authenticity and truth, whatever that might be.

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