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Sunday, August 1, 2010

God Has a Better Voice than "Darth Vader"

A few weeks ago, I had a God experience.  I believe He was "speaking to me", trying to get my attention.  Hearing God's voice rarely happens to me but this one seemed profound and quite LOUD.  For those of you who are not Christians, hearing God's voice doesn't mean that I hear James Earl Jones' voice (think Darth Vader's booming vocal tone) speaking from the clouds and me speaking back up to the sky in response.  Rather it's quiet, often heard when still and silent, and subtle like a nudge on your shoulder or the repetition of a thought that is beyond what is worldly understood.

For the last few years, thanks to encouraging feedback, I have been daydreaming about taking the craftiness to the next level; a business perhaps? 

One evening as I was daydreaming about this idea I reminded myself that whatever I end up doing, the foundation of my business and my work would be God centered.  Not to say that my products would be Christian products, but the intentions behind my creations would be heartfelt and ignite hope and compassion.  As I grow in my faith and understanding of Christ, I hope to resonate in my interactions with others whether in person, via the internet, or through my creations His love. 

I started praying for a Bible verse that would reflect these foundations and what I hope for in my greeting cards, the first products I plan to release.  In my prayers, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 came to me.  I actually don't remember how I came to this verse and it's not a verse I knew well so I can only lift it up to the Lord that He had led me here. It's perfect for my cards.  Having gone through different season myself and being in one that is quite challenging right now, this verse really spoke to me.  I decided to keep it in mind and pray about it because surely other verses will come to me in the coming days.

That Sunday, I went to church and one of the first things my pastor said to the congregation was "Today, I want you to reflect on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8..." My ears perked up like a dog hearing the word TREAT. Did he just say what I thought he said? That's the same verse?  God, are you speaking to me? Is this meant to be 'my verse'?  So, I thought, no no it MUST be a coincidence. 

Mind you, in all these crafty daydreams my desire to develop my creative self has been very strong.  There's something to this side of me that I haven't really explored.  As well, I've been feeling somewhat lost, particularly in terms of the work I do in life.  What is my purpose?

So, my pastor continued on with his message (Ephesians was going to be our new series).  At the end of the service, an announcement was made. "The Artist Circle was being formed and would begin this week."  The ears perk up again.  Seriously?  Pastor, seriously.  God, are you playing with me or are you really trying to tell me to pay attention to this creative side of me.  Maybe I'm reading into it but this was too many "signs" to let something like this go.

The artist circle is a group of creative and artistic people who gather as a small group with the intention of creating art (wether it be visual arts, music, etc.) through and for Christ. Being new to this church, it's also a prayer answered to find a small group community to belong to.  And thus, I join and begin to seek out who God has intended in me to be.  Perhaps, I am meant to be an artist.

God, you are so good!

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