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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photographer: Me Ra Koh

It's the new fall season and as we are entering Oprah's last, Nate Berkus has launched his new show.  A fan of Oprah and appreciating his work on her show, I'm curious what his new show is all about.  Tivo to the rescue! 

So, today, I tuned into his show.  I still have mixed feelings about it but he had on a photographer, Me Ra Koh, who is teaching the basics of how to take good photos of others and tricks for having good photos taken of you.  Interesting!  She's adorable and the photos he showed intrigued me as they really caught the human emotion in the moment.  That's the kind of photographer I'd like to be.  It's not all about the happy smiles.  We were built to be emotional people and if every photo is of you staring in the camera lens smiling, it's not a fully told, true story.  I'd rather catch people and objects in the moment.

Her style of photography is quite popular right now, but her story is what caught my attention.  In the depths of a depression after losing a child, she regained herself (and more) through her photography.  Beautiful!  That's the kind of artist I'd like to be.  It's not just about the craft, it's about what the craft does for you to make you a better person.  And, it's the surprise of the discovery that she had this talent.

I can't wait to see more of what she does.

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